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The Batter Thickens: The Brownie Doctor: Midnight Snack Brownies

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Brownie Doctor: Midnight Snack Brownies

I saw my sister's post from the other day about the Brownie Doctor book that should be made, and I thought it was a stroke of sheer brilliance, so I decided to come up with a doctored-up recipe myself.

I hope that you've tried Ben and Jerry's Midnight Snack ice cream, but in the event that you haven't, it is, and I quote from the carton, "Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Salty Caramel Swirl and Fudge Covered Potato Chip Clusters." It was my basic inspiration for these brownies, which are simple brownies from a box, with potato chips, caramel bugles, mini Reese's, dark chocolate chips, and white chocolate chips added in. So basically, if you're looking for a simple word to sum it up: delicious. If someone you don't like talking to asks you what you're making, you can just give them the one worded response, "Deliciousness." and let it be done at that.

I decided that I wanted to do a Brownie Doctor, but I couldn't think of anything particularly special or different with the mix. (My original ideas had been to do something with peanut butter, as always is what I think of when I think of chocolate, but my sister did that, leaving my brainstorms with all their ideas taken.) So I thought of doing an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink, raid-the-pantry type brownie, and I was reminded of midnight snack ice cream. Although I personally have never had a midnight snack (I have never eaten at midnight, even on New Year's. I mean, I'm rarely even awake then, let alone EATING), I imagine that you would go down to your pantry and just grab whatever out of the pantry and stuff it in your face. So, I did exactly that, I went into the pantry and grabbed all the chocolate chips and normal chips and whatever I could find that looked un-healthy but good.
Then, because my family is just so healthy and we don't have enough unhealthy foods, I had to ask my brother to drive me over to the grocery store to get potato chips and mini Reese's (because I thought they would be good in it, and I figured we wouldn't use all of them...)

So you might notice that among the add-ins are carmel bugles, something I had never even heard of until I checked out our pantry. Most people don't even know Bugles are still made, because they randomly like disappeared a couple years ago, but my mom found them in the store recently! She also found these sweet and salty carmel-covered bugles (Because they do sweet flavors, like peanut butter chocolate now!)

Anyways, the actual making of these was simple, I mixed up two boxes of brownie mix (specially fudgy, if you're like me and enjoy your brownies fudgy) and took away one cup of batter (because I used it for this amazing recipe) and then crumbled up however much of all the ingredients I thought sounded/ looked good into it!

Then I poured it all into a pan and baked it, simple as that.

And the finished product looks a little bit like this:

And this:

I did think about making a frosting to put on it, but I figured that adding a frosting to specially fudgy brownies that were filled with extremely unhealthy and rich foods would just be too much. But, if you decide to put some on (I think it would be good, just rich, so have vanilla ice cream or milk to serve it with), I suggest this recipe, as it is literally the best chocolate frosting I have ever had. In my thirteen years of having chocolate frosting. So thank you Joy the Baker.

***WARNING: These brownies may contain amazingness and must be kept out of reach of children. And anyone without the willpower to resist amazing brownies. Keeping around the house may result in disappearance in an unusually short amount of time.


Midnight Snack Brownies

1 box of brownie mix
Potato chips
Caramel Bugles (Or just normal Bugles)
Mini Reese's
Semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips
white chocolate chips
Any other add-ins you think would taste good

1. Preheat the oven to whatever temperature your box says.

2. Prepare the brownie mix according to the directions on the box.

3. Add in a half cup of each of the ingredients, crumbling up the potato chips and Bugles, and mix together.

4. Put into a greased pan (size according to box directions) and bake according to the box.

Just keep in mind that this is a very versatile recipe and if you feel one of the add-ins isn't your thing or you want more, you can easily add them in and it will taste just as good. (Probably.) If you want more or less of one add-in, changing the amounts will not affect it. Just enjoy eating it and listening to the compliments, that will come, to your baking skills.

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  1. The photos are almost as good as the brownies! America should wake up to these baked goods!!!