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The Batter Thickens

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cornflake Crunch Brownies

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I think every baker needs to have a set of classic recipes in their arsenal. You, those recipes for basic things that always turn out perfect and delicious. You might not make them all the time, you bake other stuff, but they are always there, right in your pocket, like a reassuring little lucky charm when you need it.

Another way to think of it: if you had a bakery, what would be your everyday staples? Things you make every single day because they are just classic.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Strawberry Raspberry White Chocolate "Ombré" Cupcakes

Pink is always such an under-credited color. How many people do you know who say that pink is their favorite color? There is a stigma around it being a girly color, so all the feminists in the world (so like very girl ever) don't like saying it's their favorite color. And honestly, it's not the most versatile color and can't be used year round or worn everyday, etc.

But you simply cannot deny that it is an incredibly pretty color.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Heart-Shaped Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Scones

Happy Valentine's Day!

Honestly, I often overlook Valentine's Day. It's one of those holidays that isn't very official and you only really celebrate it if you are a kid in pre-k through 4th grade or are in a relationship. I am right smack in the middle and fall into neither of those categories. So I make it a holiday about the people I love. Not romantically. Like friends-and-family. Deep thoughts from Audrey: Valentine's Day is often thought of as romantic-love holiday when it is just a love holiday. And on average people have more non-romantic love than romantic love in their lives so let's make it just a holiday to celebrate love.

And what better way to celebrate those you love than by giving them yummy delicious downright amazing scones? (the perfect gift, as they can be either breakfast, dessert, or snack)?

Frosted Reese's Brown Butter Blondies

Are there any foods that remind you of home? Sometimes the things that remind you most fiercely of home are surprising. When I was studying abroad in London last spring, I suffered very few bouts of homesickness. But one of my strongest ones happened around Valentine's day, when I couldn't get my hands on a bag of heart-shaped Reese's.

The British are wonderful people and - reputation aside - generally have excellent taste in sweets. But they just don't share our American passion for the chocolate peanut butter cup. (Yet.)

Before then, I never would have said those seasonal Reese's meant all that much to me. But not being able to buy any, even though it was something so simple I'd never given a second thought to before, really got me. It's the little things, I've learned from living abroad twice now, that remind you how far from home you really are.

Home is where the heart is...and where the heart-shaped chocolate is.