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The Batter Thickens: Brownie Doctor: Popcorn Toffee Brownies

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Brownie Doctor: Popcorn Toffee Brownies

As you might know, Molly is studying abroad in London and is trying out many different cafes and British foods, so we came up with an idea: she would try stuff and photograph it, and then I would try to imitate it here.

Molly got a Cadbury chocolate bar that had popcorn and toffee in it, so I was inspired to create a Brownie Doctor recipe based on it.

The only trouble in creating this recipe was what to do about the popcorn. Would it taste weird if it was just popped and put in? What if it was all buttery and wonky? What if you were biting into a delicious bite of brownie and suddenly BAM! you bit into a kernel? But eventually after some thinking and 
research, it was resolved- store bought caramel corn.

I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but we got specially fudge-y brownies that had mini meltable chips in the mix and a Hershey's fudge pack to mix in as well. Normally from the box brownies are fudgy enough, but these just make it even better! 

Interesting thing about this popcorn- they had peanuts in them. (It was the only kind we could find.) The peanuts ended up falling out and entering the brownies, but it ended up tasting great! (Duh! It's peanuts, when are they not good in brownies?)

The popcorn ended up not tasting wonky, which was good! It worked in the brownies, it wasn't chewy or hard or weird, although I would recommend eating these somewhat quickly (as if they would ever las that long) because they are not wine, and they do not get better with age.

The toffee-popcorn-brownie combo worked super well, somewhat surprisingly, because I was wary of them at first. My first thoughts probably went something like yours: Popcorn in a candy bar? Popcorn in BROWNIES? Popcorn and toffee? This sounds really sketchy.

But do not be thrown off by those initial thoughts, they are delicious. Especially warm. They are even better warm, like most things, but because the Heath bar bits are all melty and have like incorporated themselves into the chocolate-y goodness, and then you get a delicious bit of gooey-peanut-y-toffee-y super fudge brownies.

Popcorn Toffee Brownies

1 Box brownie mix
2 cups caramel corn
1/2 bad Heath bar bits

1. Preheat oven according to box directions.
2. Make brownies according to box directions.
3. Mix in caramel corn and Heath bar bits.
4. Bake according to box directions.
5. Cool for as little time as possible.
6. Consume.

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